I am Janet Lönnqvist, the entrepeneur and the designer at Madame & Mademoiselle.

I grew up with tailoring, because my ancestors were tailors and I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who taught me the basics in sewing. As 13-years old, I did my first “commercial job”, a suit for my brother.

My education is in clothing technology, fur sewing, bag design and fashion assistant and I will start studies in trend consulting in the coming years.

I have worked all my adult life as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, couture sewing and I also ran an antiques and interior design business. During the early childhood of my four children, I made the decision to stay home with them. Now, however, they are all grown up and I have chosen to continue working with what I am passionate about, fashion and especially sustainable fashion, such clothes, which we have can use for a long time.

Over the years my assignements have been many, but the most special once are probably the evening dresses for the Finnish Independence Ball at the Castle. I have designed stage clothes for choirs and also designed and manufactured accessories for other companies and associations.

If you want to know more about what we manufacture in our company and what services we offer you, you are most welcome to enter the menu “OUR SERVICES “.