Personal styling is a service, where we help you with finding  your own personal style. Maybe you feel unsure about which colors and type of clothing style is right for you. Many people also think about what kind of  body shape they have and what type of clothes are suitable for your body shape. We discuss and plan together and we make a Moodboard (inspiration pictures) where you can see examples of what clothing styles you could invest in.
We plan together for what occasions you need your garments. Are you the sporty type, the classic, or the dramatic type in your fashion style.
There are many of us who feel unsure about choosing clothes and building a basic wardrobe and that is where our expertise comes to your aid. We can all be beautiful and with small simple tricks we can really shine. A well-built basic wardrobe also means that in the long run you save a lot of money when buying clothes.
If you want to know more, you are Welcome to contact us under the tab “CONTACT” in the menu.
  • Personal Styling
  • Body analysis
  • Color analysis
  • Planning of a basic wardrobe
  • Find your style
  • Review of your current wardrobe. What should you save? What should you discard or recycle?
  • Moodboard